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A Day in the Life of a Redlands Electrical Technician - Part 2

We like efficient and focused employees. Being able to trust in your employees and know they’re committed to their work is really vital for any business, especially in the electrical trade - our work ensures residential needs are met and commercial infrastructure is maintained. It’s easy to get so concerned with the day-to-day grind that you don’t notice or recognise the people around you who are going through the 9-to-5 just like you.


So we thought we’d take you through an average work day for Dan, our hypothetical mixture of your average Redlands Electrical Technician, and show you what kind of work goes into being the foremost Electrician Wimbledon clients call to meet their needs.


If you didn’t catch it - here’s a link to the first part of this blog. That said - let’s catch up with Dan and Co, and see the day holds for them!


10:00 AM


First job of the day is a quick inspection of a storage warehouse’s wiring, and him and Keith work together to trace each wire from source to source, it’s voltage and ensure that it’s safe working order. Filling out the necessary paperwork for health-and-safety and making a receipt for recommended work, the two finish up. Keith is pretty certain they’ll be back to re-wire, due to the age of the premises. Dan agrees, and they set off for the next job.


11:25 AM

The next job is a bit more involved - installing, wiring and testing power supplies for an entire office space of computers, devices and equipment. After bringing up the necessary tools, equipment and wire spools the boys get to work; choosing to start from opposite ends of the office.

They put together and install power sockets and run them behind PVC cable boxes on the walls. It’s hard work and frustrating at points, but Keith keeps things light by telling Dan about his weekend and the trouble he got himself into in the funniest way ever with his Yorkshire accent. After two-and-a-half hours they are done, and the office has electricity. Keith and Dan high-five and quickly pack up. Another receipt written off and its onto lunch before the job.


2:10 PM

Dan throws away yet-another chocolate bar wrapper as Keith mocks him for even bothering as they arrive at another office - this time two install a pair of security cameras inside-and-out of the main entrance to replace two they previously took down. Up on a ladder its a fidgety and awkward job, but it’s one of dozens of installations him and Keith have done. They even joked about betting who could get theirs installed and working first on the way there.


Dan wins by twenty minutes, and helps Keith get his working as well. With the security staff satisfied, they fetch a clerk from upstairs to sign the receipt and the two complete the last job of the day early - sharing a quick conversation with the security about the up-and-coming Euros footballl championship and who their pick to win is before packing up and heading back.

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