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A Day in the Life of a Redlands Electrical Technician - Part 3

We like efficient and focused employees. Being able to trust in your employees and know they’re committed to their work is really vital for any business, especially in the electrical trade - our work ensures residential needs are met and commercial infrastructure is maintained. It’s easy to get so concerned with the day-to-day grind that you don’t notice or recognise the people around you who are going through the 9-to-5 just like you.


So we thought we’d take you through an average work day for Dan, our hypothetical mixture of your average Redlands Electrical Technician, and show you what kind of work goes into being the foremost Electrician Wimbledon clients call to meet their needs.


If you didnt catch them - heres the LINKS to the first part of this blog. That said - lets catch up with Dan and Co, and see the day holds for them!


4:45 PM


Pulling into the depot finally, Keith and Dan check in with their colleagues and quickly inventory the tools and equipment, making a note of what they need to restock. After that, Keith finishes for the day and Dan clarifies his schedule for the following day before leaving himself.


Negotiating the M25 and mishaps of the run home and finally parks up outside his home. Pushing his way through the door he picks up Jane - she’s made a horse out of clay school and wants to show him - and heads in.


6:20 PM


Marie cooks dinner, whilst Dan sits down with the girls to help them with English homework. Whilst he has workable Maths, he leaves Math homework to their mother whilst he deals with words and spelling. They eat, still talking about what the girls learned and what they needed help with. After, they go play whilst Dan and Marie clear up and flirt in equal measure. It being 6-years since their marriage doesn’t matter.


7:30 PM


With his two girls tiredly saying that they’re not tired, Dan takes them up to bed and settles them down for the night. He puts the clay horse on a shelf, kisses the girls good night and turns out the light.

Changing out of his work clothes and into some night clothes, he heads down stairs to watch the evenings television with Marie. He yawns at the TV - mocking the personalities and advertisements and taking about where they should take the family on holiday.


10:30 PM


Finishing the evenings TV viewing together, Dan and Marie turn in. He peers into the girls bedroom to make sure they are sound-asleep, then gets ready for bed. Climbing in he cosies up to Marie, kisses her goodnight and settles down. Briefly he thinks about the people he talked to and the conservations and touches upon what he needs to do tomorrow before fully drifting off. Another day tomorrow …


Whilst Dan and his family may be fictional the work and day-to-day he experiences isn’t because its true in some degree to the lives of many of our staff. We have families, friends here and elsewhere and a whole lot of stuff going on - but we don’t scrimp on our commitment to our clients and supply the best electrician Surbiton residents could ask for.


The services we provide - from wiring installation and repair, to installing external communications and call systems, refits of comm. stations and many more - you can be assured that Redlands Electrical provides the most professional and efficient electrical work London and the South-East has. For more information you can visit at: