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A Day in the Life of a Redlands Electrical Technician - Part 1

We like efficient and focused employees. Being able to trust in your employees and know they’re committed to their work is really vital for any business, especially in the electrical trade - our work ensures residential needs are met and commercial infrastructure is maintained. It’s easy to get so concerned with the day-to-day grind that you don’t notice or recognize the people around you who are going through the 9-to-5 just like you.


So we thought we’d take you through an average work day for Dan, our hypothetical mixture of your average Redlands Electrical Technician, and show you what kind of work goes into being the foremost Electrician Wimbledon clients call to meet their needs.


5:30 AM


Dan’s phone vibrates insistently and tones on the dresser, waking him up for the day. Yawning with a stretch, he shushes his wife Marie back to sleep and fumbles his way out of the bed sheets. After a minute to greet the toilet he jumps in the shower quickly and then gets dressed in his work clothes. He thinks he’s getting a bit fat and resolves to avoid the traditional lunch break chocolate bar.


He wakes his two daughters Jane, 6, and Erica, also 6, and gets them into the bathroom to brush their teeth and wash their faces; getting them dressed before heading downstairs. Marie joins him making breakfast - a small full English each - and sit down to eat. Dan splits his attention between the Paper and his daughters squabbling over this-and-that. Looking up at the clock, he sees its 7:30 now - so he kisses his family good-bye, throws on his jacket and jumps in his work van.


8:25 AM


Setting out from home Dan is wishing for a day where he finds the M25 miraculously clear into London … and is immediately disappointed with a snarl up. Great …


Whilst waiting in traffic he takes a call from home (Erica lost her schoolbag, which Dan immediately points Marie too), calls ahead to work, double-checking his first job of the day and let them know the traffic situation and huffing about the traffic; scratching his shaved head in impatience before switching on the radio for some morning music.


9:13 AM


Finally pulling up to the Redlands Electricals depot, he jumps out of the van and heads into the office to speak to his supervisor - explains why he’s late - and is paired with Keith for the day. After checking and loading up on necessary tools and supplies - they set out.



Keep posted with our blog to find out how his day goes! For more information on Electrician Surbiton you can visit at: